• 1958 Graphic

    RUEDAS ALEX is founded

    In 1958, RUEDAS ALEX is founded in the city of Barcelona. It started operating in the manufacturing of domestic castors for the important and rising industry of electrical appliance located in Spain at the time.

  • 1970 Ruedas Industriales · Ruedas Alex · Instalaciones Rubí

    Factory InaugurationRUBÍ · BARCELONA

    In the beginning of 1970, thanks to the important boost and acceptance obtained in the market, a new factory opened in the town of Rubí (Barcelona), which expanded the range of castors offered, adding a whole industrial one.

  • 1989 Graphic


    In 1989, an important and exhaustive market research, carried out by a specialised magazine in the sector ('Nueva Ferretería, Edition December 1989), awarded RUEDAS ALEX with the leadership in the Spanish sector, position maintained up until now.

  • 2000 Ruedas Industriales · Ruedas Alex · Instalaciones Martorell

    Inauguration FacilitiesMartorell· Barcelona

    In the year 2000, the current factory facilities were officially opened in the industrial zone of Martorell (Barcelona), with more than 4.000 m2 exclusively dedicated to the manufacturing of autorotable castors.

  • 2014 Ruedas Industriales · Ruedas Alex · Instalaciones Fraga

    New Logistics InstallationsFraga · Huesca

    In 2014 new logistical facilities, built on a plot of 12.000 m2 in the logistics industrial park in Fraga (Huesca), were started up. It accommodated modern facilities with a capacity of 15.000 palletised cages where a novel dynamic shelves system was incorporated.

  • 2015 Graphic

    Ruedas Alex expert committee memberISO REGULATORY RENEWAL

    In 2015, AENOR designated RUEDAS ALEX as an expert chair representing Spain in the expertise committee for the renovation of the ISO Standard about domestic and industrial castors.

  • 2016 Graphic

    Opening FacilitiesMovialex · Uruguay

    The international vocation was concreted in the year 2016, with the opening of an own subsidiary company in the American continent (Uruguay).

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