Research and Development


The challenge that our engineers have to deal every day is to develop the best castor, to cover the mobility needs that our customers purpose, using our efficiency, security, durability and design.

Latest technologies

For this reason, we apply the most modern techniques such as the calculations throughout the infinite elements and, most of all, the collaboration with the engineering faculties of the main Spanish universities where we have established a close bond with teachers and personnel staff.

Alex Customer Lab

Due to having an autonomous and independent R+D department especially for the customer, called 'ALEX CUSTOMER LAB', we boost our corporate phylosophy of creating a frame of collaboration with the customers and have become their partners, in order to help them consolidate the development of their business.

Ruedas Alex

Thanks to this relationship of trust and confidence, Ruedas Alex has been able to develop the widest range of castors in Spain and our customers have become directly our partners and most important collaborators, because they are the responsible of transmiting our quality and prestige to the final user.

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