Quality Policy

RUEDAS ALEX is guided by the ISO 9001 Standard. The Management System ISO 9001 helps to manage and control the quality of all the procedures and describes how to achieve a constant and proper effort and service. This way, we meet the expectations and needs of our customers, among other benefits.

The new version of the ISO 9001:2015 Standard is the most recognized one, established world wide, and concerns the quality management. It is developed on the basis of the new company challenges which we face as a current leading company, already working towards the future.


Which is our minimum commitment being guided by the ISo 9001:2015 Standard?


  • The constant improvement of the Quality Management oriented to the customer and its highest satisfaction.
  • Implementation of concrete Methods, in order to be more efficient at work, saving time and resources.
  • Significant improvement of the operating performance, reducing mistakes and increasing the product quality and the final service. We invest more in the error prevention, rather than its correction.
  • Motivate and increase the level of commitment of our staff, through more efficient intern processes.
  • Continuous training of all our staff, encouraging the rigorousness, the team work and a good working environment, organized, safe and clean.
  • Improvement of the customer service, in order to gain its loyalty and manage a higher number of satisfied customers.
  • Our quality policy, is constantly checked and notified to all members of our organization.

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